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HANASAKA, Une / soup bowl / S, Φ140×35mm



九谷の粘土だけで作られた器。製土の際に不純物として除かれた残土から釉薬を作りました。優しく美しいベージュが特徴です。ボディー、釉薬ともに一つの花坂陶石から生まれた、毎日の食事のためのシリーズ。 ・本体サイズ:Φ140×35mm ・成型:ロクロ挽き ・材質:磁器 A vessel made only from Kutani clay. The glaze was made from the surplus soil that was removed as an impurity during the making of the clay. It features a gentle and beautiful beige. A series for daily meals, both the body and the glaze were born from a single Hanasaka pottery stone. ・Body size: Φ140×35mm ・Molding: Turning on a potter's wheel ・Material: Porcelain